Amish Furniture Store

Although the Amish are known for having all kinds of nice furniture in their local Amish furniture store, there are some other items you find even more desirable to you. In fact, some people find the Amish quilts to be the best items you can find at a store like this.

Amish quilts didn’t really catch on in Amish communities until the 1870s. Before then, the Amish shunned quilt making as “too modern.” However, from the time that making quilts became an accepted practice in Amish communities to 15 years later, you could nary find a home without several quilts in it.

In the years since, Amish quilting has evolved, but it always stays several years behind current trends. For example, Amish quilts at first were very ordinary. The first Amish-made quilts were made in one solid color. Gradually, extra pieces of colored fabric were added to these Amish quilts. For example, a quilt might have a large, colorful diamond in the middle, although the rest of the quilt was still a more solid, less exciting color.

As Amish quilts have evolved, their evolution has depended largely on those who live in the Amish communities. Basically, a community consensus has had to be reached in many instances when deciding if certain colors
– like pink and white – are acceptable to use.

Now, Amish quilt making has come full circle. Some women have gone back to incorporate more black in their designs, but also include a lot of color.